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Stage Manager - 2023

At the Frasier household, preparations for Grandma’s birthday party are underway. Beverly is holding on to her sanity by a thread to make sure this party is perfect, but her sister can’t be bothered to help, her husband doesn’t seem to listen, her brother is MIA, her daughter is a teenager, and maybe nothing is what it seems in the first place. FAIRVIEW is a searing examination of families, drama, family dramas, and the insidiousness of white supremacy.

CAST: Carley Cornelius (BETS), Barbara Figgins (SUZE), David Googloe (DAYTON), Jada Jackson (KEISHA), Collin Quinn Rice (MACK), Kandice Robins (BEVERLY), Max Stewart (JIMBO)

PRODUCTION TEAM:  Ellen Willett (Production Manager), Julie Jachym (Stage Manager), Kenya Hall (Dramaturg),  Jyreika Guest (Intimacy/Fight Director), Evan Sposato (Technical Director), Sydney Lynne Thomas (Scenic Designer), Razor Wintercastle and Brendan Marble (Co-Lighting Design), Mariah Bennett (Properties Designer),

Willow James (Sound Designer), Andrew Littleton (Asst. Sound Designer), Alexandria Richardson (Costume Designer)

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