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Co-Production Manager - 2023

This is the story of a man who falls in love with the woman of his dreams while in his dreams. The Dream King is an epic and delightful journey of a psyche in revolt told through movement, clowning, physical comedy, silent film style projections***, a dynamic musical score, and a healthy dose of wild imagination.



Chih-Jou Cheng, Jean Claudio, Liz Krane, Ashlyn Lozano, Marvin Quijada*, Ayssette Muñoz*, Claudia Quesada+, Jordan Reinwald, Tommy Rivera-Vega*+



Marvin Quijada* (Creator), Sandra Marquez*(Co-Director) Alice da Cunha (Co-Director), Joe Schermoly (Scenic Designer), Caitlin McLeod (Costume Designer), Johan H. Gallardo (Assoc. Costume Designer), Conchita Avitia (Lighting Designer), Saskia Bakker (Props Designer), Matthew Chapman (Sound Designer/Additional Composition), Liviu Pasare (Projections Designer), Mike Oleon (Puppetry Designer), Gabe Ruiz (Dramaturg), Elliot Taggart/Marvin Quijada* (Original Music Composer), Liv Sullam+ (Stage Manager), Olivia Ellery (Assistant Stage Manager), Julie Jachym (Co-Production Manager), Ellen Willett (Co-Production Manager)



Wendy Mateo (Co-Artistic Director), Lorena Diaz (Co-Artistic Director), Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel (Artistic Producer)

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