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Run Crew - 2023

Another Marriage Company.jpg

You meet. You marry. You have kids. That’s the way it always goes. Or is it? What if your story changes? What would it cost? Another Marriage is an intimate and beautifully rendered portrait of an ever-evolving relationship that may never be quite finished. Steppenwolf ensemble member Kate Arrington’s playwriting debut upends time and the typical romantic comedy to explore the liabilities of falling in and out of love.

On the Stage


Ian Barford, Caroline Neff, Tim Hopper, Judy Greer, Nicole Scimeca


Chris Amos, Katherine Keberlein, Campbell Krausen, Shaina Schrooten


Author Kate Arrington (Author), Terry Kinney (Director), Robert Brill (Scenic Design), Mieka Van der Ploeg (Costume Design), Heather Gilbert (Lighting Design), Rob Milburn (Sound Design), Michael Bodeen (Sound Design) Michael Salvatore Commendatore (Projection Design), Kristina Fluty (Intimacy Consultant), Gigi Buffington (Company Voice & Text Coach) Tom Pearl (Producing Director), JC Clementz (Casting Director), Christine D. Freeburg (Production Stage Manager), Kathleen Barrett (Assistant Stage Manager),

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